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Dr. Shana Mashego's Curriculum Vitae

White Plains, MD

Professional Work History

American University

August 2022-Present

Washington, D.C.

Adjunct Professorial Lecturer

Teach Music Appreciation courses included within the university core curriculum with a special focus on the history and contributions of African American music makers.

Kansas Interfaith Action

July 2020-Present

Lawrence, KS

Cultural Research Consultant-Racial Disparities

  • Source, create, and prepare materials and planning documents for the organization's racial justice initiatives.

  • Develop lesson plans, instructional materials, and oral presentations for Cultural Sensitivity and Inclusion training courses.

  • Lead social justice teams in developing innovative and cutting-edge approaches at all levels with effective resource allocation and strategic planning.

Stratford University- 

Stratford Language Institute

October 2020-May 2021

Falls Church, VA

Faculty Member

  • Directly advised and aided students in the transition from Language Institute completion to the United States University experience.

  • Delivered 18 hours per week of classroom lectures while instructing students from Tunisia, Morocco, Mongolia, Serbia, Saudi Arabia, and Côte d'Ivoire in American English, University Writing Mastery, and Research Concepts.

  • Created curricula for in-person and online courses

  • Created materials and exercises to illustrate the application of cross-cultural communication concepts.

  • Contributed to planning appropriate and engaging lessons for both classroom and distance learning applications.

  • Planned, prepared, and delivered lessons on American English mastery, American literature, and grammar to students daily.

  • Led student recruitment and retention activities in order to maintain a high-quality student body population

  • Created, organized, and facilitated Commencement Exercises programming including student preparation, graphic and social media advertising, and program execution.

  • Created 100% of the Stratford Language Institute’s  syllabi

  • Established the University's first Cross-Cultural Student Research Program

Texas Conference of The United Methodist Church

November 2011-November 2018

Houston, TX

Diversity & Worship Director

  • Directed and managed all administrative areas related to music, worship and diversity for three United Methodist Churches

  • Managed a staff of 25-30 worship arts and support staff members

  • Managed all fundraising programs, budgets, grants and special funds related to worship, arts and diversity initiatives

  • Educated clergy and staff on cultural sensitivity principles with special emphasis on Black, Indigenous and People of Color

  • Improved cultural competency by effectively managing communication and correspondence with diverse parish community members

  • Developed partnerships with global clergy leaders, minority businesses and organizations to build awareness, increase support and share resources

  • Acted as a diversity leader and instructor for the Texas Annual Conference Worship Committee

  • Planned, facilitated and executed music and logistics for large scale events and services of worship

Lone Star College System

August 2012-March 2017

Houston, TX

Faculty Member

  • Delivered 18 hours per week of classroom lectures instructing over 30 students per semester in English for Speaker of Other Languages (ESOL).

  • Conducted intensive summer courses in analysis of English texts.

  • Led committee creating school-wide assessments and producing exams used throughout English for Speakers of Other Languages department.

Texas Southern University

August 2007-December 2013

Houston, TX

Faculty Member

  • Taught African American Fine Arts Appreciation, African American Song Literature, Music Fundamentals, and Cross-Cultural Communication to classes of 50-60 students.

  • Taught Applied Voice, Class Voice and acted as the Music Director for the Theater Department

  • Evaluated student learning by creating and applying course competencies and accurately evaluating student progress.

  • Probed, encouraged, and facilitated class discussions by building discussions into lessons, asking open-ended questions, and using techniques to track student participation and actively solicit input.

  • Assisted and identified at-risk students to eliminate student barriers to learning.

  • Led student recruitment and retention activities in order to maintain a high-quality student body population

The University of Arizona

August 2005-May 2007

Tucson, AZ

Graduate Associate

  • Instructed general music courses including American Popular Music History

  • Acted as an administrative assistant for two full professors

  • Helped to develop and implement academic incentives geared toward retention and degree completion

  • Worked as a mentor and instructor with the Fulbright Student Program in connection with the Center for English as a Second Language

  • Conducted research in Africana studies with faculty mentors

  • Led student recruitment and retention activities in order to maintain a high-quality student body population

Texas Southern University

May 2003-May 2005

Houston, TX

Graduate Assistant

  • Checked assignments, proctored tests, and provided grades according to university standards.

  • Prepared lessons according to course outline to convey all required material and deepen student understanding of subject matter.

  • Liaised between faculty and students to answer questions and optimize faculty time.

  • Supported department members with administrative, research and academic assistance.

  • Led student recruitment and retention activities in order to maintain a high-quality student body population


  • The Society for Ethnomusicology (SEM)

  • The College Music Society (CMS)

  • The Society for Faith and Justice (SFJ)

  • University of Arizona Alumni Association (UAAA)


Doctor of Musical Arts December 2010

Studied Vocal Performance and Ethnomusicology with a focus on Africana Studies. Studied Voice with the World-Renowned Soprano Faye Robinson for the entirety of the program.

  • Received The University of Arizona School of Music Graduate Student Scholarship which included a full tuition stipend for the entirety of the doctoral program

  • Awarded full sponsorship for research and presentations on the African American Spiritual at the Center for Black Music Research in Chicago, IL

  • Awarded a full Graduate Associate Teaching Appointment: Taught American Popular Music History, and worked as a mentor for Fulbright Scholars August 2005-May 2007

Master of Arts in Music & Research Texas Southern University May 2005

Studied Research Methods in the English, Communications, and African American History Departments while concurrently studying Vocal Music in the Music Department. 

  • Awarded The Texas Southern University Department of Fine Arts Graduate Scholarship and

  • Organized the first Texas Southern University International Symposium on the Life and Works of Ralph Ellison

Bachelor of Arts in Music Texas Southern University  August 2003

Explored the full range of music study while contributing to the Student Government Association of the Department of Fine Arts and the Texas Southern University Student Government Association. 

  • Received the Texas Southern University Fine Arts Student Tuition Scholarship 

  • Served as President of The Fine Arts Student Government Association

US Public Policy Certificate Program Harvard University-Harvard X Online Initiative September 2020 

  • Received comprehensive instruction related to U.S. public policies including social policy, welfare and income policy, fiscal and monetary policy, and foreign policy


Dr. Shana Mashego

Enneagram Score: 8 

Eights are people of vision and action. They can take what looks like a useless, broken-down shell of a building and turn it into a beautiful home or office or hospital. Likewise, they see possibilities in people, and they like to offer incentives and challenges to bring out people's strengths. Eights agree with the saying "Give a person a fish and they eat for a day. But teach them how to fish, and they can feed themselves for life." Eights know this is true because they have often taught themselves "how to fish." They are self-starters and enjoy constructive activity—building up themselves, others, and their world.


Eights occasionally take on big challenges to see if they can pull off the impossible or turn a hopeless cause into a great success. But they generally do not do so unless they are fairly sure that the odds are on their side and that they will have the resources to pull off a "long shot" and make it look easy. Others look to them in times of crisis because they know that Eights are willing to make tough decisions and to take the heat if things go wrong.


Honor is also important to Eights because their word is their bond. When they say "You have my word on this," they mean it. Eights want to be respected, and healthy Eights also extend respect to others, affirming the dignity of whomever they encounter. They react strongly when they see someone being taken advantage of or treated in a demeaning or degrading manner. They will step in and stop a fight to protect the weak or disadvantaged or to "even the score" for those whom they feel have been wronged. Similarly, Eights would not hesitate to give up their seat on the train to an old or sick person, but they would have to be dragged away bodily if anyone tried to make them give it up without their consent.

Eights combine their natural strength and energy with measured, insightful, decision-making, and a greater willingness to be emotionally open and available to others. They make loyal friends and will make any sacrifice necessary for the well-being of their loved ones. They feel no need to test their wills against others: they are so secure and grounded in themselves that there is no need to constantly assert themselves much less to control anyone else. Thus, they have greater inner peace themselves and can therefore be enormous sources of support and strength for others. Seeing that they can be a powerful source of blessings in others' lives fills Eights with a deep sense of fulfillment and a kind of benevolent pride in their ability to have a positive impact on the world and on others.


High-functioning Eights are truly heroic, mastering themselves and their passions. They are big-hearted, merciful, and forbearing, carrying others with their strength. Courageous and strong, but also gentle and humble—willing to put themselves in jeopardy for the sake of justice and fairness. Very high-functioning Eights have the vision, compassion, and heart to be a tremendous influence for good in the world.


Due to my love for The Almighty God, hymns, spirituals, strings, and the stage, I began a hymn preservation project in 2014. For more information regarding Dr. Shana Mashego and The Sacred Ensemble please follow the link below.

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